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We challenge each
pupil to achieve 50
Golden Miles & reward
for personal achievement's.
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Through use
of communications
we keep parents updated
on their child's progress
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What are people saying?

"The Golden Mile represents an excellent opportunity for children of all abilities to get fit and be active. The product is simple, effective and accessible to all schools, children and parents. It really is an innovative and interesting project that ..." Read More Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Gold Medallist
"All in all when I first heard about the Golden Mile, I never thought it could work in such a small school, but 6 months on many of our children are past the 25-mile mark and are still loving it!..." Read More Kate Russell, Edleston Primary School
"The future health and happiness of our children couldn’t be more important, and the Golden Mile has already proved itself as the sort of vital fitness initiative which could make all the difference. The most simple initiatives are often the best, a..." Read More Lawrence Dallaglio, England Rugby World Cup Winner
"I’m thrilled that my charity, the DKH Legacy Trust, has become the charity partner to the Golden Mile. This is a fantastic initiative that will encourage so many to commit to an active and healthy lifestyle. Thanks to this partnership, we will be a..." Read More Dame Kelly Holmes, Double Olympic Gold Medallist
"I think it is a very, very good initiative. Anything that can keep children fit and healthy is a great idea...." Read More Galton Blackiston , Celebrity Chef
"Interviews with school staff who implemented the Golden Mile revealed that the initial setup was straight forward, with class teachers ultimately responsible for how they decided to use the initiative with their pupils. The Golden Mile proved to be a..." Read More Focus Group Interviews, Staffordshire University
"I am pleased to endorse the Golden Mile initiative which aims to get more children and young people physically active. As we prepare to host the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, we must show that we are world class in the way we encour..." Read More Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Health
"Running or walking regularly is not only good for young people’s health, it gives them more energy throughout the day and can inspire more to take up sport for life. If children learn to love being active as they grow up then they’re also more li..." Read More Ben Bradshaw , Secretary of State for Culture
"Children no longer fall out of bed - fall into the car - fall into the classroom and fall asleep! The Golden Mile puts oxygen into their muscles and into their brains. We used to see nothing but tonsils til 10am, now we see energised and enthusiastic..." Read More Christine Norman, Head Teacher, Winnington Park Community Primary School
"Golden Mile has made a huge impact and I believe also in terms of attention in class and team development. Some children have made fantastic developments in stamina. They really understood the advice about finding a steady pace rather than racing...." Read More St Marys Catholic Primary School,
"We have a Golden Mile breakfast club, not only for the children but for their family too. Since we began this last year, we have noticed a dramatic increase in attendance. Our school is in a poor area, where not only was our pupil attendance low but ..." Read More Glyn Turner, Leighton Primary School
"We have recently introduced the Golden Mile to improve the fitness of our girls. The pupils walk a distance of 800m 3 times a week. There are extra sessions for girls who want to get fitter by running or training. The best thing about it is that the ..." Read More Caroline Adams, Dr Challoners High School
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