Everyone taking part will find the initiative rewarding. Physical activity brings all sorts of benefits, such as confidence and stronger self-esteem, more energy, better memory, and simply a good feeling about themselves— The Golden Mile will help achieve this.

Our Golden Mile schools had told us our reward structure motivates and encourages children to complete more Golden Miles.


As well as the health benefits outlined, we’ll also reward each child with a personalized certificate when they reach the following milestones: 

10 Golden Miles

25 Golden Miles

50 Golden Miles – Year 1 target

75 Golden Miles

100 Golden Miles – Year 2 Target

150 Golden Miles 

Every child will have a year to complete their 50 Golden Miles from when you register your school.


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We work around a
rewards system that gives children confidence.

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Golden Mile can be the biggest budget generator of your school year - with no need for volunteers!

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the golden mile
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