School Competition

School Competition

The Golden Mile is all about rewarding personal achievement and encouraging pupils to partake in daily physical activity.

We also endorse and back the Governments statement on competition in schools. Healthy competition focuses on doing one’s best, having fun, and learning skills. It promotes teamwork and positive participation.

Those who give a strong effort and strive to improve themselves usually advance. If learning or improving is the goal, children always reach it. If they happen to win, it’s icing on the cake.

Here’s how the Golden Mile competition structure works:

Personal Challenge

  • Can every Pupil achieve 50 Golden Miles in a year from when the school signs up?
  • We reward pupils will personalised a bronze and silver certificates before reaching their Golden 50 miles. Lots of Golden Mile schools hold regular certificate ceremonies to congratulate pupil’s achievements.
  • Can every pupil reach their 150 Golden Miles certificate during their primary school career?

Intra School challenges

  • Pupils Vs other pupils in each class
  • Class Vs other classes in School
  • Your online system will display comparisons in downloadable graphs and tables. You can also print these graphs to display in the classroom

Inter School Challenges

  • School Vs School challenges
  • Your School Vs schools in cluster challenges
  • This new feature to the Golden Mile allows you to compete again other Schools doing Golden Mile.  

If the school you want to challenge isn’t currently doing the Golden Mile please email with the name of the School/s. We’ll do the rest to encourage these Schools to accept your challenge and register for the Golden Mile.

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We work around a
rewards system that gives children confidence.

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Golden Mile can be the biggest budget generator of your school year - with no need for volunteers!

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